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Artsy Horse wall decals

Artsy Horse wall decals
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Artsy Horse wall decals

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Details about Artsy Horse wall decals

If riding a horse is already a thrill, can you imagine having one up on your wall? The affordable artsy horse wall decals will make your interior look stunning! You can decorate your home with this artistic animal wall decals fast and easily. Artsy Horse wall decals come in 24 colors and 4 different sizes. The ink graphic style of the horses head will trasform your space into a modern stylish room. You can use our animal wall decals on a safari or country themed room. The artsy horses wall decals are ideal for any horse lovers!
These beautiful animal wall decals are easy to install, removable but not reusable. Artsy horse wall decals are manufactured with premium vinyl that is non-toxic. All our animal wall decals can be set on smooth and not so smooth surfaces. Instructions and application squeegee tool are included in your package. If you need a custom size or custom pattern of our animal wall decals please contact us directly. Made in the USA.

SKU#: Z-ANI003

Customer Reviews

     The horse art wall decal is absolutely beautiful.
Joy R.

     Love my horse wall decal --- looks fabulous! Had no idea it would look this riveting on my wall. It might help to let your customers know that only the image and no background will transfer. When I opened my mail from you and saw the product I wasn't sure how the background was going to transfer. Luckily there was no off white background!!!---, just my beautiful lipstick red horse. Thank you and congratulations! Great product.
Alessandra G

     Hi Ria. I just wanted you to know my daughter loved the horses vinyl wall decal. She put one up and we're going to put the second one up today, they're beautiful! Thanks for you help and have a wonderful new year.

     We just applied the Hors Art wall decal to my daughter's dorm room wall. Her cover and pillows are shades of brown and the Brown Horse just set everything off. It is amazing. We also appreciate you sending the 3 butterfly decals. They were a pleasant surprise and she too put those on another dorm wall. She's already talking about what she might want to have next year on her walls. The instructions were perfect and we had no problems. We just took our time and everything went well. Thanks for your wonderful product. My daughter is crazy about horses and this was simple but elegant.

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