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Bare wall clock mechanism

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Bare wall clock mechanism

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Details about Bare wall clock mechanism

Size 1 wall clock mechanism is 8.5" radius (longest arm)
Size 2 wall clock mechanism is 18" radius (longest arm)

Clock mechanism comes with screws to mount on walls
Wall clocks mechanism are delivered with their mechanism (included) and AA battery

SKU#: Z-ACC006

Customer Reviews

     I purchased a bare wall clock (18" hands) from Dezign with a Z and placed 12 pictures around it of my grandchildren and children. It is so adorable and it keeps good time! Thank You!
Mary L.

     I had ordered the small wall clock mechanism. It works great and I received it quickly. Good size for a wall, so I imagine the larger one is quite dramatic. The only unfortunate thing about the order was that the shipment went from San Francisco to Sacramento in order to return to Oakland. That's a complaint for the shipping agency really, but it just seems like an unfortunate waste of resources.

     Products are honestly represented, clearly described and shipped in a timely manner. When a clock arrived one of the hands was broken. You replaced it in a timely, friendly manner. Thank you!

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