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Black Magnetic Paint

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Black Magnetic Paint

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Details about Black Magnetic Paint

With our black Magnetic paint you'll be able to cover part of your wall or turn your entire surface into a Magnetic board.
You can also paint objects or cover a piece of furniture with Magnetic paint.
Once dry your surface will turn in a magnetic area.
It's up to you to go around your house or office and find creative ways to use magnetic paint!

This paint can be used in kitchens, home offices, basements,  kid's bedrooms, teen's rooms, garages, play rooms, laundry rooms, recreation rooms
This paint can be used to cover: walls, doors, cabinet doors, message centers, menu boards, storage containers, toy chests, easels, craft projects...

Tip: once dry you can paint with any regular paint on top of your new magnetic surface... it will still work!
Tip: you can cover your magnetic area with our Chalkboard paint and you'll just get a magnetic chalkboard!!
you can do the same using our Chalkboard adhesive wall decal , our clear Dry-Erase adhesive decal or our Whiteboard adhesive decal material


SKU#: Z-ACC016

Customer Reviews...

     Dear Ria,
To you and your team - thank you for making decoration such a fun. The decal was not complicated to install, the colors are so vivid, I am really pleased. You have a great business, best wishes -
Evelina P. - San Diego

     I am Very happy with your product.
I covered large curved glass on my 78 chevy van with see thru decals
The glass would have been nearly impossible to replace
Now i get compliments every time that i drive the van.
Paula was also very helpful while ordering.
Thank you
will propst

     Hi Paula and Blake,
I'm writing to you again just to say how much I appreciate your help. The decal is already on our wall in the office. Looks awesome. Thank you very much for all your hard work.
Giedre S.

     My dealings with this company were excellent. My queries via e-mail were promptly and clearly answered. My shipment of decals arrived on the date specified and were in perfect condition.The decals themselves are beautiful; the instructions included were easy to follow.

I highly recommend the company and its products.
D. Shestowsky

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