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Custom Chalkboard wall decals

by Paula on Tuesday 16 August, 2016

If you’ve ever been to an open house of a home for sale or to a model home you probably noticed how picture perfect the spaces look. Each piece of furniture, accessory and wall art (such as wall decals and wall murals) is carefully chosen to help the buyer envision what the space could look like once fully furnished.

custom chalkboard wall decal

The science behind that is called staging -a well- known practice to real estate professionals. Stating is the art of “prettifying” spaces so they are desirable – even though the buyer very rarely will be getting any of furniture when signing the deed.

We have the privilege to have done a number of projects with one of the top staging/ interior design agencies in the country. With over 40 years of experience, Builders Design is an expert in making spaces look absolutely breathtaking.

For their projects, we’ve done mostly custom wall decals and custom wall murals in a variety of shapes and patterns. The last few projects we’ve done were custom printed chalkboard wall decals – a really trendy look at the moment.

custom chalkboard wall decal

These custom wall decals are made with chalkboard vinyl. A material that although pre-printed in this case, can be written on with chalk sticks – just like your average school blackboard, but oversize!

The takeaway from these projects is that a cool piece of wall art such as custom wall decal or custom wall mural, can totally transform a room even in really upscale setting. The result is not only a beautiful one, but also practical and creative!

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