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Custom wall decals – now you can create your own wall art

by Paula on Wednesday 12 March, 2014

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Dezign With a Z has been in business for nearly 6 years and we have seen many changes in the wall art world over time. There is an increasing trend of custom made projects where people are interested in personalized premium designs, the more exclusive the better.

Think past business logos and hours of operation. Custom wall decals and stickers allow you to express yourself in a whole new level. When a wide variety of pre-made choices is not enough, you have the freedom of picking the color, working on a creative image that is only yours (don’t worry, our team of expert graphic designers will work with you hand in hand each step of the way) and in the end you are sure to receive a lot of compliments on a piece which can be labeled “just for you”.

Whether you are looking for a creative solution to jazz up your hair salon or spa, make your start-up pop or give a polished look to your conference room, a custom wall decal may just be the best solution for you. You can coordinate colors with your existing paint and furniture, display your corporate values and create eye-catching self-adhesive decor products that can be applied to your walls, floors, ceilings, windows, doors and more.

Monograms, motivational phrases, photos of loved ones (family members, friends  and even  pets), full size murals of your favorite landscape (New York or that little beach in Hawaii), cute characters for your nursery or toddler’s playroom, and amazing geometrical or floral shapes of your choice – you name it! – The sky is the limit when working with personalized decals.

We can also tweak any of the designs from our regular collection: remove or add elements, custom size it, have it done in a specific Pantone or CMYK color, use a specific material - whatever you need to get a product you’ll absolutely love!

Where to start? Send us an email at or give us a call on 1-877-693-3944 and one of our customer service representatives will be delighted to chat with you regarding your project!

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::: Last comment
by Stephanie Mill
“I am super happy with my finished product! It really is the item that "made" my office remodel super cool! I appreciate the way the staff made multiple revisions & was more than happy to make changes multiple times until I got everything just the way I wanted it. Mine was a very detailed motivational quote project that covered an entire wall. They did a FABULOUS job! I found that a job like mine was definitely one for an installer & I am thankful I hired one of their approved installers, who did a great job too. I think this product will stick to most surfaces, but did find out that in areas with humidity like where I am located, it is best to use a separate primer with a semi-gloss paint if you are applying it to a painted wall. Hope that helps some of you that might have this same type of environment & surface for application.” (06/30/15)

::: Last comment
by Michael
“I was pleased with delivery of the product. On application I was happy with how it looked.” (06/29/15)

::: Last comment
by Stephanie
“Our wall quote turned out awesome! The process was easy, they worked with me to insure I would receive exactly what we wanted. The installation was simple and the directions are great. Now every client that comes into the office sees just some of the key words related to our Qt cross platform application and framework. Thank you!!!” (06/26/15)

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