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Custom wall decals for American Cancer Society

by Paula on Wednesday 23 November, 2016

Custom wall decal for podium at event in San Francisco
Recently we had the opportunity to produce custom wall decals  for the American Cancer Society. For their annual discovery gala, they contacted our team here in San Francisco to help them produce a variety of custom vinyl wall decals including floor, kiosk and podium prints.

In projects like these, everything needs to look professional and polished. Since the gala was held at the Fairmont Hotel, everything needed to be temporary or removable so our focus was to produce quality graphics that could still be taken down without damaging any of the surfaces.

The focus point of the project was definitely the custom logo decal we produced for their acrylic podium. Since major speakers would be standing behind the stand, the main concern was to be visible and properly branded yet not distracting so guests could give their undivided attention to all speeches and announcements of the evening.

Floor decals with custom logo prints

A close second would be the custom logo decals we produced displaying their sponsor’s logos. Using the shape of stars, guests were led down the hall into the main ballroom where the party was being held. The whole idea was to mimic the Hall of Fame, the world-renown sidewalk in Hollywood, not an easy task!

Using a self-adhesive vinyl material, the stars were stuck directly onto the carpet. They were, however, fully removable so removing them didn’t damage the beautiful (and expensive) carpet at the Fairmont Hotel or leave residues once removed.

Like any floor decals, these prints had a protective lamination that was anti-slippery. That way guests could walk over it without the fear of tripping or falling down, even in 5 inch heel stilettos – hello Louboutins!

Custom decals for kiosks in San Francisco

Taking third place would be the custom decal prints we’ve done for their informational kiosks. These displayed their sponsor logos along with useful information about the American Cancer Society and their initiatives. These graphics were a great way to tie in the branding for this event without looking tacky or disorganized.

We were so proud of the entire project! Even more so being called the best sign shop in San Francisco by the American Cancer Society’s staff – what an honor! 

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