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Custom wall decals for A gym

by Paula on Thursday 03 August, 2017

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Custom wall decal for gym in SF Bay Area

Decorating a gym is such an easy task said no one ever!  Well, with custom wall decals it can be. The challenge of decorating such large Spartan spaces can easily be overcome with adding colored wall graphics and custom signs throughout the room.

Recently we had the pleasure of working All Star Karate, a martial arts school in the San Francisco Bay area. As they were moving into a new space, a very big space might we add, they wanted to make sure that the new gym didn’t look like a big grey box. So they came to us looking for custom logo wall decals, custom floor decals for their mats, personalized door signs and more.

Since their logo designs are pretty bright, we chose not to alter them as the space could definitely use color! For the large mat (also known as tatami) on the floor, we produced two giant logo floor decals that were installed by one of our local professional installers.

For their wall we added some text to one of their logos to create the perfect custom wall decal, a personalized piece that became the main focal point of the entire studio. It’s the first thing students and visitors see as they enter the room.
Custom door sign for gym near San Francisco
To add some branding to their entrance doors, we also made custom door decals displaying their logos. This was a great way to add color to yet another grey surface and to let people know that they are in the right place as they arrive.  
Custom Car Decal in San Francisco Bay Area
The last item we’ve done for All Star Karate was a custom car decal. We produced one of their logos and installed it onto the hood of their vehicle at our sign shop in the heart of San Francisco. We are super happy with how the entire project turned out and with all the compliments that have come our way!

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