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Custom wall decals for Studio Ghibli in San Francisco

by Paula on Wednesday 28 February, 2018

San Francisco custom window decal

We are glad to announce that after a very hectic day of installing custom wall decals and window decals, Ghibli studio’s pop up store in San Francisco is open!

For their shop, we worked hand in hand with their design team in the US as well as Japan. We wanted to make sure all of their custom prints (logos and characters) were consistent with their additional marketing materials.

Our team of designers did all the layout work and color matching for their custom window decals making sure everything fits perfectly on their glass surfaces. We also handled all of the fabrication in-house, as we are a full service sign shop in San Francisco.

Our local installers did all the application – turning the bare space full of blank walls and empty windows into a colorful anime world! Each wall, window and even bookshelves have been “decaled” to showcase the studio’s work.

Custom window decal in San Francisco

One of the main concerns we had was visibility. Making sure the custom window decals were colorful and eye-catching was a priority. Another request the client had was to make sure none of the windows was fully blocked. Since the shop is located across from AT&T Park (home of the San Francisco Giants) it made sense to allow people to see into the store as they are heading out to a ball game.

San Francisco custom wall decals

Their custom wall decals were printed in black, displaying their adorable characters! Against the stark white walls, these black silhouettes create a nice contrast. Black is also a neutral color and doesn’t clash with all the colorful products displayed next to it.

This was hands down one of the recent projects we had the most fun executing! The entire space looks wonderful and their entire staff was a delight to work with.

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