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Fable custom logo window decal

by Paula on Wednesday 18 January, 2017


custom logo window decal for Fable restaurant

Logo window decals are one of the most important pieces of branding a local business can have. Stuck to a glass window or door, these custom window decals typically display a logo with a slogan, inviting phrase, promotions or hours of operation.

Custom logo window decals can be installed either from the inside or the outside of the glass. When installed from the inside, the print will be reversed so it displays correctly to those standing outside the space. On the other hand, when installed from the outside of the glass surface, factors such as sun exposure and rain should be taken into consideration for which we typically recommend a protective UV lamination.

For Fable, an American restaurant located in the Castro district of San Francisco, the challenge was having a small store front with only two vertical windows and a door. Since these were the only source of natural light, blocking them with a large full color window decal was not an option.

Their restaurant colors are brown, orange and white so gold seemed like the natural choice for an eye-catching custom window decal displaying their logo. We decided to fill up the entire left window with a modern interpretation of the sun and its rays, the areas in between the rays remained blank to allow natural light to come through into the space. Their logo sits in the middle, where the blank oval slit is.

After the design and manufacturing were completed, we send our professional installers to apply their custom logo decal onto their narrow window. The process went on smoothly and we were so excited with their feedback – everyone loves the graphic! Even clients are making compliments to it as they come in through the door.

For us, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing our customers happy with whatever signs and graphics we produce for them. Getting compliments from their customers is really the icing on the cake. If you are very in the Castro district in San Francisco, please make sure to stop by at Fable!

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