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Frosted Window Films in San Francisco

by Paula on Thursday 01 June, 2017

Frosted Window Film in San Francisco

A question we often hear from prospective clients is: what are frosted window films?  Since these privacy types of window films are relatively new, we think that is really a valid question! So what are them after all?

Well, think of sandblasted windows minus the messy process and the hefty price tag. Frosted window films are a cleaner, more practical and economical solution to add privacy to glass windows, doors and partition walls.

Since these window films are self-adhesive, they are easy to install, durable and yet removable whereas glass sandblasting and etching are permanent and cannot be removed.  Our entire line of frosted window films and decorative window films can be applied to residential and commercial spaces, making them extremely versatile.

Frosted Privacy Window Film in the SF Bay Area

So what is the purpose of using frosted window films? For us, there are 2 main reasons: the number one is to serve as a privacy screen. From small to large offices, there is always at least one room where meetings occur and sensitive conversations are had – typically that is the conference room, board room or meeting room. Either to protect confidential information or to put people at ease while they meet with co-workers, clients and suppliers – frosted window films provide the privacy needed without compromising the amount of light allowed into the space.

Decorative Window Film in Silicon Valley

The second reason is purely aesthetic. Decorative window films make an, otherwise plain space, look visually appealing.  Window films can be cut and even printed onto, so gradients, transparencies and even logos can be displayed on custom frosted window films that are designed and cut to size.

In over 8 years of business, servicing the entire San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, we have manufactured and installed our share of custom wall decals and window films with great feedback from clients. The latest project we’ve done was for Kumar Management in Silicon Valley. Since they had several windows to cover ranging from smaller offices to larger conference rooms, we designed a wave pattern that was cut onto the frosted vinyl. The continuous lines created a beautiful design while providing them with enough privacy to fully utilize their space.

Tags: frosted window films, privacy, decorative window films, San Francisco

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