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A new look for the New Year

by Karla
 on Monday 06 January, 2014

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Are you tired or the same old look year after year? Is redecorating your house or office always one of your first’s items of your wish list every New Year? However, every year is the same thing. Just to think about the money and time necessary to make the changes make you so overwhelmed that you put off for the next month and the next and when you realize is Christmas again.  Well, you are not alone!! Unless you are a designer, renovation can sound like torture. Lots of people don’t have the money to hire help and are completely clueless of what to do. Dezign with a Z may the solution to your decor problems. Whether you want a more classical or modern look in your home or office we have something for you. We have decoration pieces for every room, taste, age and budget. You will be able to redecorate the house without going over your budget. Our high quality products are affordable; don’t require professionals to be installed and the installation process will take minutes. It means that you won’t have unexpected expenses. You can start with the most popular room of a house. The kitchen!!! We have wall decals, canvas, wall clocks, racks, etc. Check The Bi color Laurel wall decal. It will light up your space. You can choose the colors and the size of the decal to match your kitchen.



Our vinyl wall murals are great for living rooms. They can be used on walls, doors, ceilings and be easily trimmed to fit your space. The Nocturna wall paper is one of our romantic and peaceful wall murals that will transform your living room into a unique place that you and your family will love to hang out without breaking the bank. Your guests will not believe you did all by yourself. 


The Nocturna wall paper a romantic and peaceful wall mural. Choose the colors and the size of the decal to match your space.


Bedrooms are sacred places where people spend hours in it every night to recharge their energies. It is really important to get a comfortable and cozy look. We have many otions for you.  Our Autumm Leaves canvas is a great piece that will warm up your room and the instalation consist on haging  a nail on the wall. The digital canvas is a high resolution digital photo printed on an actual canvas, set on a quality pine wood frame. If you can’t find a canvas that you like in our collection or perhaps you just want something unique and more personal, we can also customize a digital canvas print with any photograph of your choice. 


Autumm Leaves canvas


Well, it is not possible to over all the rooms here, but now you will have an idea of how to start. Go to our website and start to shop. I just have to warn you that our products are so cool and easy to install that you can get addicted. You may “need” to change the décor very often from now on. 

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by Edgar Flores/ R.H. Contracting, Inc.
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