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Spread the love with Dezign with Z wall decals

by Karla
 on Sunday 02 February, 2014

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Valentine’s Day is a special day that lovers and friends show appreciation to each other. Show that you care and didn’t just stop by the local drugstore and grabbed the traditional heart shaped chocolate box and flowers. Think outside the box!! Don’t worry; there is no need to spend loads of money to impress him or her. We have a line of wall stickers specially made for this special occasion that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. We have the cutest wall decals designed by Thomas Fuchs, romantic tree decals that you can customize with your names, hearts, cats, cupids, lips and so much more. Our adhesives are perfect for decorating business as well. The language of Love wall decal for example will look great in your living room or in the office!! 

Visit our Valentines Decals section and find the perfect wall sticker to surprise your loved one!

The language of Love wall decal displays the word


Valentine’s Day is the most romantic days of the year, but it can easily turn in the worst of your year if you end up spending too much money in an overpriced and impersonal restaurant after waiting a while to get a table. Instead decorate your house with Dezign with Z romantic wall decals, make or order some dinner, get some good wine and a romantic movie. Your love d one will be so happy that she/he will brag about you to all her/his friends. If you are ready to pop the question, we have the perfect decals for you. You will have the perfect history to tell your friends and family. You can customize your own quote on a wall decal or in an acrylic mirror which is a light type of mirror yet resistant.  Acrylic Mirrors will hold using standard mirror attachments (nails, mechanism, stickons...) or simply with a good quality double sided tape since it is an extra light type of material. Put the decal or mirror on a wall, door or ceiling and surprise your love. Don’t forget the ring;) 


Our custom lettering heart mirror is an acrylic mirror which is a light type of mirror yet resistant.


Don’t worry if you can’t find one design that speaks to you on our Valentine’s line. We have so many designs and interesting pieces that will take the breath of your loved one away. Whether you want a decal that can be removed after the date or something they will be able to enjoy after the holiday, we have something for you. We have i-skins for i-phones, Laptops and i-Pads. You can choose from our various prints or have the option to customize your own skin decal. She/he will love a romantic couple picture, a lovely picture of the kids or the pets. You can also customize your own canvas; just send us your picture and we will digitally print them on a high quality canvas, set on wood frame, perfect for wedding pictures and family portraits.


Customize your own canvas; just send us your picture and we will digitally print them on a high quality canvas, set on wood frame.


Your loved one will cherish these customized gifts.  Spread the love with Dezign with Z wall decals and customized gifts!

Also visit our Valentines stickers section

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::: Last comment
by Copple
“Mirror looks great in my daughter's room. Easy to hang with double-sided tape.” (08/31/16)

::: Last comment
by Kaye
“We have purchased several custom items from dezign with a Z and have been very pleased with the product and the customer service is the best. Very friendly, willing to help with all my questions and prompt service! Very Happy!” (08/31/16)

::: Last comment
by L.Fly
“I have been wanting personalized lettering for my home for some time now and ran across your website while searching for a completely different item was able to place an order online easily but when I realized there were things I needed changed I called in and found a very helpful individual to make the changes to my satisfaction upon their arrival which I felt was a relatively brief amount of time from order to arrival unfortunately the color was not what I had originally ordered I contacted the company and they gladly and quickly sent me a new order in the color to my hundred percent satisfaction it was the customer service that put them over top inconvenience as well I'm looking forward to my future orders and to share with my friends family and coworkers to support this business because I believe that's what keeps and uniqueness going in this crazy world we live in continue to success with the company would be my final words” (08/29/16)

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