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Cats wall decals

Cats wall decals
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Cats wall decals

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Details about Cats wall decals

Cats wall decals come in pack of 4:
  • The 140"x47" pack has 3 kitties 33"x22", mom cat in 43"x47"
  • The 59"x20" pack has 3 kitties 13"x9", mom cat in 18"x20"
  • The 47"x16" pack has 3 kitties 11"x7", mom cat in 14"x15"
  • The 33"x11" pack has 3 kitties 7"x5", mom cat in 10"x11"
Meow cat lovers out there! This little family of cats wall decals needs a new home! Use these adorable feline animal wall decals to give more charm to your interior. Cats wall decals includes three little kittens and one mommy cat. Cut ands separate each  pet cats from these animal wall decals and style them in your interior.
These cute animal wall decals are available in four size options.  Feel free to contact us directly if you need different size or color for the pet kittens. These cat wall decals are intended to decorate blank spaces in any room. You will be amazed by the countless possibilities when decorating your interior with these affordable animal wall decals. Manufactured in USA.

SKU#: Z-ANI013

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