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Chevron wall decals

Chevron wall decals
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Chevron wall decals

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Details about Chevron wall decals

The chevron wall decals is a pack of 10 zig zag strips. These pattern wall decals are available in 24 different colors and 6 various sizes:
  • The 90"x90" pack has 10 strips in 10.2"x90" each
  • The 80"x80" pack has 10 strips in 9"x80" each
  • The 70"x70" pack has 10 strips in 8"x70" each
  • The 60"x60" pack has 10 strips in 6.8"x60" each
  • The 47"x47" pack has 10 strips in 5.35"x47" each
  • The 33"x33" pack has 10 strips in 3.75"x33" each
  • The 22"x22" pack has 10 strips in 2.5"x22" each
You can use each chevron wall decal strip seperately by using a pair of scissors. Cut them and stick the zig zag pattern decal on your walls in any way you like. If you want to cover your entire surface, you can connect each strips till you reach the width and height you desire. It is ideal for blank wall spaces and dull walls. You can apply them around your room or even on your furnitures such as cabinets, drawers and tables too. For sure you will have a lot of fun installing this cool decal. Call us if you need any questions about our modern vinyls.

SKU#: Z-PAC069

Customer Reviews

     I wanted to tell you the package arrived yesterday, on time and in great shape! Thank you for your GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE! I put the chevron pattern on the walls in my granddaughters new bedroom and they are fabulous! I didnt use the entire sheet, but cut out several and they really make the room pop! Thanks again. I am thrilled and will order from you again!
Pat M.

     I love the feeling these give in my room. I love it.

     dezign are the best to use in the bathroom and bedroom to dress it up
carolyn hall

     Awesome... Love it, thanks.

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