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Classic Tree wall stickers

Classic Tree wall stickers
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Classic Tree wall stickers

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Details about Classic Tree wall stickers

Classic Tree stickers are available for purchase in three sizes. Have you ever imagined having a tree in the middle of your living room? Now you can ,use this cool sticker and have fun!

Be one with nature

Here is the perfect wall decal to jazz up any interior. It's simple and elegant and will go with many different decors,place it just about any where and watch your boring walls come to life.

Decal color shown in the picture: Brown

SKU#: Z-FLO027

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     I have used dezign with a Z a couple of times. Respond after payment is fast, delivery doesn't take long and the quality is excellent. I have even received after a bigger shipment a few things for free, which is much appreciated. I like the designs and the choices. I had every time 100% satisfaction

     The items I ordered were delivered quikly. The instructions were easy to follow and look great!
J. Vizzi

     While the product was outstanding, the time it took for it to get here was not so good. I did not receive my order until December 23, three weeks after I ordered it. I paid for FedEx, however, it was delivered by US Postal Service, which, because of the size of the package, it would not fit in my mail box, so I had to go pick it up. When I pay for FedEx I expect to be delivered to my door.
Betty Peters

     I had an excellent experience with dezign with a z! The design was great, the customer service was great and shipping was fast. Thank you!!
Kerri Isham

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