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Colorful Clock wall decal

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Colorful Clock wall decal

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Details about Colorful Clock wall decal

The Colorful Clock wall decal  is available in 3 sizes:


  • the 22"x22" Clock wall decal  includes a clock mechanism which longest arm is 8.5"
  • the 30"x30"Clock wall decal  includes a clock mechanism which longest arm is 8.5"
  • the 47"x47" Clock wall decal  includes a clock mechanism which longest arm is 18"

Clock wall decal are the new trendy way to get the time in your home or office:

1. install the Clock wall decal  on your wall

2. simply mount the clock mechanism right in the middle!

Our products are delivered with their mechanism (included) and AA battery.

Colorful and cute Clock wall decal for your kids room


This colorful clock wall decal will look good in any ki'ds room. The design of the wall decal is versatile and will lookk good in bedrooms, play rooms, also in commercial places like clinics and schools. Our Clock wall decal are easy to install and the mechanism is 100% silent. 



Customer Reviews...

     I ordered two different decals. The first one was perfect! Looks beautiful, arrived on time, no issues. The second decal (smaller version of the first) was mis-printed (they missed a letter at the end) which was a problem obviously and it was a deadline job that was not met. I was told my job would be REPRINTED but when it finally arrived, all that came was the missing letter. Thankfully I kept the original mis-print. If I had thrown it out because it was wrong then my client would've had to wait another week and a half before I could give it to them. The woman I spoke with while ordering and about the mis-print was extremely nice. I will probably order again because it is such a great product, however I will make sure I have enough time for mistakes that might be made!

     The design and product it self are fabulous. I did find them a little difficult to transfer from the paper to the wall.
Cindy Merrick

     Incredibly helpful and flexible. Speedy. Great work. Highly recommend.
Mary Smith (really)

     Thank you for your great customer service.
Mary C

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