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Counting Flower Wall Decal Clock

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Counting Flower Wall Decal Clock

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Details about Counting Flower Wall Decal Clock

  • The Size 1 Wall Decal Clock includes a clock mechanism which longest arm is 8.5"
  • The Size 2 Wall Decal Clock  includes a clock mechanism which longest arm is 18"

Wall Decal Clock are the new way to get the time in your home or office:

1. install the Wall Decal Clock  on your wall.

2. stick the clock mechanism right in the middle!

They are delivered with the mechanism (included) and AA battery.

Affordable and floral Wall Decal Clock

You can choose from 24 different colors. Use this Wall Decal Clock  to decorate your home or office and give that peaceful look you were looking to achieve.

This original Wall Decal Clock will be perfect to decorate in few minutes your apartment.

Decal color shown in the picture: Lime Green

SKU#: Z-CLK012

Customer Reviews

     I am absolutely delighted with my new wall clock decal. It is exactly what I was wanting and works like a charm. I did have a bit of technical difficult getting the clock mechanism to work but the customer service was speedy fast and gave me the information I needed to fix the problem myself instead of having to ship the unit back for replacement. I have already recommended Dezign with a Z to a friend who just bought a new house and is looking for decorating ideas.

     Much thanks and gratitude :)

     Ordered the blackboard covering and the dry eraser board covering and they worked AWESOME! Made a sandwich type board with the ends of my baby bed. After keeping it for 37 years, I couldn't part with it and found I could make a chalkboard/dry eraser board for my grandkids. Turned out better than I ever thought it would. Using it first for our 40th anniversary, to direct guests to the party. I like that if something happens, I can peel this off and replace it with new. Greatb product!!
Beth E

One more time thank you very much for all your help and work with us. You really did magic.

Sorry for the delay of sharing results, can not find time yet to drive to the second office to make a photos, but I wll deffinetly do it.
Thank you for everything
All the best
Elena ( PI Math School)

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