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Sea Creatures wall decal pack

Sea Creatures wall decal pack
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Sea Creatures wall decal pack

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Details about Sea Creatures wall decal pack

Sea Creatures pack includes 9 decals and small air bubbles:

  • The 68"x47" pack includes 3 sea weeds 15"x14", 2 fish 12"x12", a 19"x13" turtle, a 31"x23" octopus, a 9"x16" sea horse and a 14"x14" sea star
  • The 47"x32" pack includes 3 sea weeds 10"x9", 2 fish 8"x8", a 14"x9" turtle, a 21"x16" octopus, a 6"x11" sea horse and a 9"x9" sea star
  • The 33"x22" pack includes 3 sea weeds 7"x6", 2 fish 6"x6", a 10"x6" turtle, a 15"x11" octopus, a 5"x8" sea horse and a 6"x6" sea star
  • The 22"x15" pack includes 3 sea weeds 5"x6", 2 fish 4"x4", a 6"x4" turtle, a 10"x7" octopus, a 3"x5" sea horse and a 4"x4" sea star


Stimulate your baby's senses with this underwater themed adhesive wall sticker.
This colorful decal comes in pack which means you can apply each stick up the way you like on your walls, doors and windows. 
You can even apply it on a piece of furniture such as cabinets drawers or tables.
Our wall decal will adhere safely on any smooth or slightly textured surface.
Check out our other sea creatures pack, we have some fun sea animals like the jellyfishes, crabs, dolphins and even a yellow submarine.  
Use your imagination and make your room an under the sea experience!


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     I purchased the Sea Creatures decal as a shower gift for a very close couple who was decorating their babies room. The mom came from the Keys in FL and thought they were perfect to go on the apartment walls which they can't paint.

     I purchased the Sea Creatures pack. I was very impressed with communication before my purchase, as i had asked how much postage was to Australia. My package arrived in a timely manner. I love the Decals. They look great in our bathroom!!!! They were very easy to put on the wall. Thanks :-)

     i recently purchased the sea creatures II wall decal and i love them! they just complete my nursery!
Sarah P

     To: Ria Vedar
Ria, it's been so long since we contacted each other -- late May -- that you may have forgotten my order - the door size black and white lady peeking out from behind the curtain. When the original shipment was not the right size and was severely folded and bent upon receipt, we contacted you, and you graciously recreated the decal and quickly shipped it to us.

Due to time constraints and other commitments, we were not able to apply the decal to our door until just today. Cannot thank you enough for the decal - she is gorgeous!!!! We had some difficulty with applying her to the door, mostly due to the large size of the decal and our lack of experience, but we were finally victorious!
Your kindness and considerations in forwarding the replacement decal were extremely appreciated - Dezign with a Z is top-notch in customer service and product manufacture -- You certainly restored our faith in your organization!

She is just beautiful and a perfect addition to the ambiance we are trying to achieve. I definitely plan on further decal orders in the future with "Z" and look forward to working with you again!

Once again, sorry I was remiss in not acknowledging how happy we are with the product sooner, but we're a bit on the slow side of life!!!
Kathy N.

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