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Cubes and Squares wall decals

Cubes and Squares wall decals
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Cubes and Squares wall decals

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Details about Cubes and Squares wall decals

Cubes and Squares wall decals come in pack of 9. The trendy cubes and squares wall decals are available in 24 colors. You can arrange this set of several squares and boxes anyway you want. Use them together as a pack or separate them with scissors. You can also use these affordable vinyl squares to frame your favorite pictures. We let your imagination do the rest!
  • The 47"x47" pack, includes 9 squares from 4"x4" to 23"x23"
  • The 33"x33" pack, includes 9 squares from 3"x3" to 16"x16"
  • The 22"x22" pack, includes 9 squares from 2"x2" to 11"x11"
Feel free to contact us directly if you need a different size for your cubes and squares, or a specialty color. These wall decals are intended to decorate spaces in any room and give a unique flare. You will be amazed by the countless possibilities when it comes in decorating your home or any work space. Manufactured in USA.
Decal color shown in the picture: Black & Burgundy


SKU#: Z-PAC019

Customer Reviews...

     I bought two different designs. They both were adorable. I just expected them to be bigger. It would be nice to actually see them in a furnished room.
Susan Delgado

     Love the new mirrored birds they look great in my new place:) and easy to apply! Thank you! ML, NY, NY.

     I'm a very satisfied customer who is definitely returning. They are quick to print and always on top of things. Prints always turn out great. When they made an error on one of my orders, they quickly fixed it for free and went the extra step to ensure I was satisfied. This is what great customer service is! Great products + great customer service = winning!

     Exactly as ordered. Excellent quality and very easy to apply.

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