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Cutie Birds Cages wall stickers

Cutie Birds Cages wall stickers
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Cutie Birds Cages wall stickers

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Details about Cutie Birds Cages wall stickers

Birds cages comes in set of 3 cages, 5 birds:

  • The 47"x67" set includes 3 cages 20"x 64", 5 birds 8"x 5"
  • The 33"x47" set includes 3 cages 14"x 45", 5 birds 5"x 4"
  • The 22"x32" set includes 3 cages 9"x 30", 5 birds 4"x 2"

This wall sticker comes in one single decorative piece easy to install but you can separate each piece(birds, cages) and place them the way you like on your walls. Cutie Birds Cages is available in dimensions and 24 colors.  If you need specific dimensions and specialty colors for your stickers call us directly.

Birds in their cages wall sticker

This is the perfect way to decorate your home with cute birds that you won't have to worry about when you leave for vacation!  Also you will never have to worry about the cats, they don't seem to like vinyl birds. If you are very much into birds you may want to check our Pia Pia Pia birds wall decals from the animal section.

SKU#: Z-OBJ058

Customer Reviews

     The Cutie Birds Cages wall stickers is darling! It went up very easily in my daughter's room. She loves it and all her friends comment on how cute it is. We wouldn't hesitate to purchase something again from you...just have to decide what to buy as there are so many to choose from!

     I got the cutie bird cages wall stickers for my room. I am psyched! They arrived in perfect condition, the demo video made instructions a snap and if it were not for my terrible textured walls it would have been a breeze. Even with the texture I was able to apply my birds and cages with little help from my mom. They look great! I am so happy! Thanks very much, Katie
Katie J.

     Arrived on time. Simple and easy to install. Would definitely use them again.
Gary S

     We are happy with the product we ordered , it looks great on the wall. I have to say it was a little harder to place on the wall than we thought it would be, but it was a very large delicate piece that we ordered.

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