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Dandelion wall decals

Dandelion wall decals
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Dandelion wall decals

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Details about Dandelion wall decals

The lightness of a flower being blown away by the wind was the inspiration for these dandelion wall decals. These flower wall decals like all of our other wall decals comes in 24 vibrant colors. You also can choose from 4 different sizes to ensure it will fit perfectly to your space. You can be creative and make the flower decal look more dramatic by adding more dandelion elements.
All of our flower wall decals are manufactured in the USA with premium vinyl. This delicate design will be the best for your home or office. These dandelion flower wall decals are fully removable and will not damage your surface or leave any residues once removed. Call us if you have an idea of any flower wall decals. 
Please note: the size displayed on the photo is the 35"x61"



Customer Reviews...

     Hiya, I really love this internet site. So much usefull info. Many thanks for sharing that with us. Cheers!

     I have 6 decals and I love all of them. They make my walls look so nice and make my small apartment look so modern. Also, the quality is great A couple of months ago I got my apartment fumigated and they sprayed all over the walls and the decals stayed intact; they didnt peel off or anything and they still look like new. The decals are so nice that every time someone comes over they ask me if the decals are painted. I must say ill keep buying I am a very happy customer

     They were just what I ordered. Very easy to place on wall and what a dramatic result. Made the entire room more lively. Very pleased will definitely order again

     As a teacher I love these products. They slow me to add some color to my walls without making permanent changes to the school building. Thanks for an affordable, quality product.

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