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Dogs wall stickers

Dogs wall stickers
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Dogs wall stickers

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Details about Dogs wall stickers

Dogs wall stickers are available in 4 sizes and come in pack of 4 dogs and 16 paw prints:
  • The 66"x47" pack, has 4 dogs 18"x23", 18"x23", 27"x15", 26"x20", and 16 paw prints of 6"
  • The 47"x34" pack, has 4 dogs 13"x17", 13"x17", 19"x11", 20"x14", and 16 paw prints of 4"
  • The 33"x24" pack, has 4 dogs 9"x11", 9"x11", 14"x8", 14"x10", and 16 paw prints of 3"
  • The 22"x16" pack, has 4 dogs 6"x8", 6"x8", 9"x5", 10"x8", and 16 paw prints of 2"
Woof! These adorable animal wall decals are perfect for all dog lovers! Dogs wall stickers consists of four cute puppies and a set of paw prints. Use these puppy animal wall decals together as a pack or separate them with scissors and stick them anywhere you want. Turn your space into a lovely dog friendly place that the kids would love! Our dogs wall stickers are great solution if you are looking for an affordable easy to use wall decor.
If you need specialty in colors or sizing of these dog animal wall decals, call us and we will be happy to assist you. These adorable dog wall stickers are removable but not reusable. All our animal wall decals will not damage your walls. Check our facebook, instagram and blog for more ideas on how to use these animal wall decals. Also download instructions on our website for more tips.
Decal color shown in the picture: Cyclamen & Black

SKU#: Z-KID027

Customer Reviews

     It's been two years since Destiny completely transformed my daughter's "baby" bedroom to a chic and beautiful room befitting a young lady. Destiny did so much and she is amazing at shopping on a budget! Our daughter is the envy of her friends and I can't wait to get to work on our bedroom next!!

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