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Flower Field wall decals

Flower Field wall decals
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Flower Field wall decals

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Details about Flower Field wall decals

Flower Field wall decals come in pack of 7 flowers:
  • The 47"x67" pack includes 7 flowers 5"x44", 12"x63", 5"x39", 11"x60", 7"x49",4"x39", and 13"x67"
  • The 32"x46" pack includes 7 flowers 4"x30", 8"x43", 3"x27", 7"x41", 5"x33",3"x26", and 9"x46"
  • The 25"x36" pack includes 7 flowers 3"x23", 6"x34", 2"x21", 6"x32", 4"x26",2"x21", and 7"x36"
  • The 15"x21" pack includes 7 flowers 2"x14", 4"x20", 1"x12", 3"x19", 2"x16",1"x12", and 4"x21"
Flowers field wall decals can be purchased in three sizes. These pack of removable flower wall decals will give your interior a cute and fun look. Use them together or separate each flower stem with a pair of scissors. The geometric vector design of the flowers looks modern. Each flower decal has leaves and a circle flower that resembles an orange fruit. You can create your own field of flowers and decorate your room creatively!
Our affordable flower wall decals are the best quality vinyl on the market. No need to be a professional in sticking these flower field wall decals. Our instructions are available for download on our website. If you need to remove these flower wall decals, you will be able to do it without damaging walls. We manufactured all our vinyl products in the USA. 

SKU#: Z-FLO002

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