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Flying Birds wall decals

Flying Birds wall decals
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Flying Birds wall decals

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Details about Flying Birds wall decals

Flying Birds wall decals comes in set of 6:
  • The 63"x47" pack includes 6 birds of 12"x12"
  • The 47"x35" pack includes 6 bird of 10"x10"
  • The 40"x30" pack includes 6 bird of 8"x8"
  • The 30"x22" pack includes 6 birds of 6"x6"
You can apply these animal wall decals as is or separate each bird wall decal and display them the way you like onto your surface. Flying birds wall decals can be purchased in 4 different sizes and 24 different colors. Use these flying animal wall decals to decorate your interior with grace. You can even use them in exterior settings such as terraces, patios and gardens.
Flying birds wall decals will stick on regular walls or on any windows. Just remember to clean the surface thoroughly before applying our animal wall decals. Be creative and have fun installing the flying birds wall decals unto your walls. Our animal wall decals are manufactured with removable vinyl, this bird wall decal set is non-toxic and completely removable. For custom bird size decorative decals or custom colors please contact us directly. All of our animal wall decals are made in the USA with premium vinyl.

SKU#: Z-ANI006

Customer Reviews

     Thank you soooooo much amazing & beautiful flying birds decals!
So easy to put on wall. Thanks for the beautiful gifts thanks dezignwithaz _3

     The flying birds decal was high quality. They went on fairly easily and look great.
Mila S.

     Love the flying birds wall decals. So easy to apply and to change if it the arrangement is not exactly as you like it. I like to cut separate each piece so I can arrange them any way I want. It's also easier to deal with several small decals instead of a large one. Looking forward to my next purchase.
C. Shields

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