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Glow Airplane wall decal

Glow Airplane wall decal
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Glow Airplane wall decalGlow Airplane wall decal

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Details about Glow Airplane wall decal

This glow Airplane decals is made of vinyl (you can choose the color you want). When you turn off the light, the windows will shine brightly in the dark for the entire night!

Glow in the dark wall decal only comes in a light greenish color. No other colors available!
Our glow decals are made of premium phosphorescent material: fully charged it will shine for 10 hours straight. It will recharge with the day light or with any artificial light
Turn the light back on to re-charge your phosphorescent decal again and again!

A cool wall decal for your child's room

Glow Airplanes is available in 3 different sizes. This glow decal is ideal for boys.


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     This airplane decal is really nice. Very easy to put on and the glow in the dark really gives a nice effect in our boys room. I would definitely buy it again.
Josine D,

     I ordered the glow in the dark airplane (88"x 22"). It arrived in good time and after watching the video on how to put up large designs, we got it up fairly easily. We were working high up on the wall, over our heads, but we expected that. Only problem we had with the decal was that some of the glow in the dark windows stuck to the clear plastic and we had to peel off and stick them on the wall individually. The finished product stuck well to the wall (even though it was not a smooth surface) and it looks really cool in my aspiring pilot-grandson's room!
Buster B.

     Hey! Thank you SOOOO much for sending the medium-sized airplane wall decal! We are thrilled to have it, and are seriously impressed with your customer service. The package arrived yesterday. Thanks again, and we will look forward to doing business with you again.

     I have ordered from Dezign with a Z before and had a great experience so I placed another order with them. They were very responsive and helpful and the product turned out great! I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing a decal!
Michelle Starnes

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