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Custom Wall Decals » World Wall Stickers » Happiness, Health & Longevity zen wall decals

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Happiness, Health & Longevity zen wall decals

Happiness, Health & Longevity zen wall decals
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Happiness, Health & Longevity zen wall decals

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Details about Happiness, Health & Longevity zen wall decals

This zen decal includes 3 letters:

  • In the 133"x47" decal, each letter is 47"x47"
  • In the 47"x16" decal, each letter is 16"x16"
  • In the 33"x12" decal, each letter is 12"x12"
  • In the 22"x8" decal, each letter is 8"x8"

Hapiness, Health and Longevity wall decals come in 24 different colors. Fill your home or business with positive energy using this fabulous decal.

Asian decals pack for affordable decors

Use asian lettering and zen wording to create your home decors. You can use each letter separately or install the decals as they come. Vinyl pack come on a single sheet easy to set. You can cut into it to separate each letter simply using scissors and then apply the decal as explained in our video instructions section.
You can use other zen designs from our website to create a unique and unprecedented ambiance that you will see nowhere else. It is a very affordable way to decorate your interior: less expensive than paintings, wall papers, painted murals...
It is also the perfect way to personalize your interior. For instance, you may want to check Yin Yang zen decals.

SKU#: Z-VOY001

Customer Reviews

     The happiness, health and longevity wall decal is beautiful, well done and great quality.
Alexandra P.

     I LOVE, LOVE DeZign decals . I purchased Asian Attitude,Bi color poppies decorative decal in lipstick red and Chinese Happiness Health and Longevity decal. My room looks great! We painted a frame on wall and put up Asian Attitude added butterfly and a Poppy. I spread the decals all through the room. They were easy and beautiful . I will also add your customer service was wonderful, very helpful and so nice. Will tell everyone that will listen ABOUT YOUR SITE.. Thanks a very HAPPY CUSTOMER
Sonia R.

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