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Japanese Tree frosted window decals

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Japanese Tree frosted window decals

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Details about Japanese Tree frosted window decals

Japanese tree frosted window decals are available in 3 size options.
The silhouette of Japenese tree on a cliff will look good on glass corners or glass edges.
This Asian inspired window decal will bring in a calm energy to any space.
Our frosted window decals are made of frosted translucent vinyl material that will fully let the light through it. Frosted window decals can be installed on any window, glass door or glass divider, flat plastic or metal surface, shower or bathtube doors...
Japanese tree frosted window decals can be installed indoor or outdoor. They are also durable and 100% removable without leaving residue.
For an easy installation of your frosted decals on a glass surface we recommend to use the "wet application" technique (see our "How to install a decal" section or feel free to contact us directly for more information)
Simply spray water abundantly on the glass surface, apply your wall decal, chase water and bubles away using the squeegee (included), let it dry during several hours. Then when dry, simply remove the transfer tape. Voila! Manufactured in USA.



Customer Reviews...

     I ordered a 14x14 QR code for my son's room. It looks great on the wall in his "techy" room. It arrived very quickly and was really easy to apply. My son loves the secret message that his friends have to decipher with their smart phones.
Great product, great service.
D. Cole

     Putting up the decals was exciting and exacting! I really needed more information on the best way to attach the decals. After putting up a few I did get much better at it and found ways to get better results. Great fun but a lot of work.

     The finished product is beautiful and I received many compliments. I think you will be getting more orders from my family and friends.

Because of the size of the decal and all the intricate swirls and curlicues it was a little harder than I anticipated but all in all it was fun with a friend.
Dolores O.

     I am very happy with the wall picture I choose. I do get many compliments on how beautiful it is. Thanks again , glori padgett

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