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Glow in the dark stars

Glow in the dark stars: phosphorescent wall stickers

Glow in the dark stars by Dezign With a Z are innovative wall decals that glow in the dark for hours, providing a great way to decorate your child's room and provide comfort during night hours.

Handcrafted and developed using high quality vinyl, the glow in the dark stars are phospherescent wall stickers that can adhere to any smooth or textured surface with long lasting hold. They are totally safe to stick on the ceiling of your child's bedroom even though adults find them pretty irresistible too!

Our glow in the dark stars and indeed our whole selection of phosphorescent wall decals are totally safe to use, free of toxic products, they are suitable for all rooms, even rooms with little exposure to natural daylight, as they work just as well with artificial lighting.  

You can install a glow in the dark stars decal with ease, knowing you can remove it just by peeling it off leaving your wall in perfect condition; our wall decals do not leave residue or damage your walls when removed. Follow our step by step instructions or watch the video instructions to get an idea of how easy it is to install a glow in the dark stars decal.

If you have your own creative idea for a phosphorescent decal, you can let Dezign With a Z handcraft it for you, our custom decals can be developed to any design specifications.


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