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Koi Fish wall decals

Koi Fish wall decals
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Koi Fish wall decals

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Details about Koi Fish wall decals

These magnificent koi fish wall decals will make any ambiance feel positive and peaceful. These famous feng shui sea animal wall decals are well known in Asian countries to bring prosperity, good luck and longevity. Koi fish wall decals are available in 4 sizes and 24 different colors. The design of the lucky sea animal wall decals includes circles as bubbles and two intricate koi fishes in a yin yang position.
These lucky koi fish wall decals are affordable and easy to install. If you have any questions during installation of our fishes wall decals, please contact us we will assist you. All our animal wall decals are self-adhesive vinyl that doesn't require paste or glue for application. For more inspirations and ideas check our blog, facebook and instagram. Our koi fish wall decals are delivered in a sealed packaging along with instructions on how to use them, and a free demo sample. Sea animal wall decals are manufactured in the USA.

SKU#: Z-ANI028

Customer Reviews

     I absolutely love the koi fish wall decal design. It is bright light blue and has been applied to my plain, white 2011 Ford Escape. I live in the islands, and it is now the perfect "island car". I get compliments every time I park my car.
B. Elliott

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