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Light Bulbs glow in the dark wall decals

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Light Bulbs glow in the dark wall decals

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Details about Light Bulbs glow in the dark wall decals

The innovative design of light bulbs hanging from wires is a great accent for both residential and commercial spaces.
It comes in 3 sizes. Extra glow in the dark wall decals strips are included for higher ceiling rooms.

  • 44"x47" largest light bulb measures 15" in height
  • 31"x33" largest light bulb measures 10.5" in height
  • 21"x22" largest light bulb measures 7" in height

This hanging light bulbs glow in the dark wall decals is made of removable glow in the dark vinyl, which is a self-adhesive material that glows up to 10 hours once the lights have been turned off.
With the lights on, this glow wall decal is a white-ish color and will look rather muted against a white wall.
Made in the USA.
Please note: the size displayed is the 44"x47"

SKU#: Z-GLW032

Customer Reviews...

     I was very happy with my wall was everything I hoped it would be!
Heather Vanderhook

     This is the second time I have ordered from the company. Good experiences both times. As long as you read and follow the application instructions there should be no problems.

     Hey, The service was excellent and the shipping
outstandingly prompt and they look great where
l put 'em. thanx for supplying an excellent product.
Dy B.

     The wall decals were an amazing, easy piece of decoration. I still can't believe how simple they were to put on the walls! I plan on using them again when I decorate the next room.

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