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Wall clocks

Wall clocks- a new & beautiful way to tell the time

Wall clocks by Dezign With a Z are innovative designs, a new way to tell the time with a decorative clock design that truly suits your personality and home.

Handcrafted and developed using high quality vinyl, the wall clock by Dezign With a Z is a wall sticker of orginal design with a simple clock mechanism fitted in place. Highly decorative, the wall clock mechanism is silent, so it's as suitable for your bedroom as it is for the home or office.

You can install a wall clock on virtually any smooth or slightly textured surface with ease and remove it whenever you please without damaging your walls. Follow our step by step instructions or watch the video instructions to get an idea of how easy it is to have an attractive wall clock decal on your wall.

If you have your own creative idea for a wall clock, you can let Dezign With a Z handcraft it for you, custom decals are available for wall clocks and wall decals of any dimension and color.

Modern decoration for your homeModern decoration for your home

Dezign decals and stickers are for those who are into creating a very personalized Ambiance. Our modern decorative elements allow you to customize your home. Visit our products, blog and photo gallery for more creative ideas

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