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Wall mirrors

Wall mirrors by Dezign With a Z

Wall mirrors by Dezign With a Z are innovative wall decals created using 100% mirrored acrylic / resin for high reflective quality. The wall mirrors are very light and come in a range of designs that will decorate you home in a modern, fun way.

We develop our wall mirrors using the best materials to ensure lasting quality and are suitable in all rooms, including the bathroom. The design team handcrafts the models and offers contemporary attractive styles such as the Spiral or Asian Essence acrylic wall mirrors that look simply elegant on a wall.

You can install a wall mirror on any smooth or lightly textured surface with ease by following our step by step instructions or watch the video instructions to learn how to install your wall mirror with ease and speed. All our wall mirrors and wall decals are 100% removable and leave your walls undamaged and residue free.

If you have your own creative idea for a wall mirror, you can let Dezign With a Z create it for you, we provide custom decals and can turn your personal design into reality, whatever the style, color or dimension.


Modern decoration for your homeModern decoration for your home

Dezign decals and stickers are for those who are into creating a very personalized Ambiance. Our modern decorative elements allow you to customize your home. Visit our products, blog and photo gallery for more creative ideas

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