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Wall pops

Wall pops: innovation and style by Dezign With a Z

Wall pops are new and exciting decorative products for the home and office. Dezign With a Z designs and manufactures innovative wall pops in a whole variety of styles and sizes that can be installed on virtually all smooth or lightly textured walls and surfaces.

Dezign With a Z wall pops offer a wall painted impression and will last for several years. The team of talented designers handcraft only the best materials on the market to produce original, elegant and fun models that will look great on your walls.

Our wall pops are easy to install and are 100% removable with no damage to the surface even after several years.



Modern decoration for your homeModern decoration for your home

Dezign decals and stickers are for those who are into creating a very personalized Ambiance. Our modern decorative elements allow you to customize your home. Visit our products, blog and photo gallery for more creative ideas

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