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Wall stencils

Wall stencils for beautifully decorated walls

Wall stencils are an exciting new way to decorate the walls of your home or office. Dezign With a Z offers a whole variety of wall stencils and stickers in attractive designs that reveal the talent and originality of the team of artists behind them. Whether you're into floral art, abstract art, animals or would like to try the innovative wall clock designs, you are sure to find a wall stencil model that suits your style and personality.

Available in several sizes and colours, we can help you choose the right wall stencil and can offer advice on wall color, dimension and orientation when selecting your model. Our wall stencils can be fixed onto any smooth surface, will hold for several years and will leave your walls totally damage and residue free whenever you choose to change your decor. Visit our photo gallery to view examples of wall stencils in different home settings.

Our wall stencils are easy to install. We provide easy-to-follow instructions and also invite you to watch our instructions video  for fast and easy installation.


Modern decoration for your homeModern decoration for your home

Dezign decals and stickers are for those who are into creating a very personalized Ambiance. Our modern decorative elements allow you to customize your home. Visit our products, blog and photo gallery for more creative ideas

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