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Moon Girl phosphorescent wall decals

Moon Girl phosphorescent wall decals
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Moon Girl phosphorescent wall decals

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Details about Moon Girl phosphorescent wall decals

A little moon girl dreaming about the stars... shining is inevitable!

Glow in the dark wall decals only come in a light greenish color. No other colors available!
Our glow phosphorescent wall decals are made of premium phosphorescent material: fully charged it will brightly shine for 10 hours straight. It will recharge with the day light or with any artificial light.
Turn the light back on to re-charge your phosphorescent decal again and again!

An ideal phosphorescent wall decals for girls!

This little phosphorescent wall decal of a fairy on her moon is perfect to deck your baby girl room. She won't be afraid anymore to stay alone in her room. It can be complement with our shining stars glow in the dark wall decals.

SKU#: Z-GLW008

Customer Reviews...

     Loved it like a love song :-) I'm not home very often but this made my new place feel like something i want to stay at forever
Selena Gomez

     Keith, Laura, Rigo, Paula:
I wanted to thank you for your outstanding level of service in helping us make the project amazing.
Great job to you and the team on the office refresh! It looks awesome and creates a whole new vibe in the space.
Best regards,
Jennifer B. for

     Great service helping to get the right size for the product. The decals look great and were very easy to apply.
Nicky Serrano

     Hi Paula,
Just thought Id let you know the installers did a great job and were highly professional. Im very happy with the quality and the result.
Duncan - Bechtel

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