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Musical acrylic mirror and vinyl

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Musical acrylic mirror and vinylMusical acrylic mirror and vinyl

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Details about Musical acrylic mirror and vinyl

The Musical vinyl wall mirror is available in 24 colors and five different sizes

  • the 22"x13" has a 5"x13" treble clef mirror
  • the 33"x19" has a 8"x21" treble clef mirror
  • the 47"x27" has a 11"x29" treble clef mirror
  • the 56"x33" has a 13"x33" treble clef mirror
  • the 80"x47" has a 18"x47" treble clef mirror



The Musical is the perfect combination between a premium vinyl wall decal and a resin acrylic mirror.
Wether you can music or not, this fun wall art will look great on your surface! The treble clef and the distorted notes sequal are ideal to decorate a music studio, concert hall, piano bar, entertainment room, family room or even to jazz up a boring living room.
You can choose any of our 24  fun colors for the decal portion of this product, the mirror only comes in silver.
The resin mirror is 1/8 of an inch thick, extremely resistant and light weight. It will deliver a clear reflection which is very similar to a regular glass mirror without the danger of shattering.
The mirrors can be installed with nails and hooks or by using the heavy duty double sided tape which is supplied with it.
To install this musical mirror decal all you have to do is install the 
decal first, then install the treble clef acrylic mirror wherever you want . 
Also, don't forget that we do custom wall decals as well, you can contact us directly if you are looking for something specific at 1-877-693-3944.

SKU#: Z-MIR096

Customer Reviews...

     Arrived in the UK in perfect condition; so well packed. We secured it to a garden wall with a waterproof glue and it looks stunning. We treated the brickwork with a water repellent sealant first so that there wouldn't be any moisture problem with the glue. It totally opens up our small garden
Angela Nolan

     Your wall decal pulled my decor together beautifully! Thank-you for your design!

     Great Product was a little slow coming, but worth the wait.

     i love this is are awesome things it made my bedroom really beautiuful if any want to buy it you should buy it is so cool do not wait

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