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Owls In Flight wall decals pack

Owls In Flight wall decals pack
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Owls In Flight wall decals pack

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Details about Owls In Flight wall decals pack

The Owls in Flight wall decals pack is a full color decal and comes in 5 different sizes:

  • 75"x75" pack includes 5 cute pastel owls approximately 24"x21" each, 3 tall plants 7"x28", 3 smaller plants 7"x18", three sky blue clouds around 21.5"x12" or less for each
  • 60"x60" pack includes 5 cute pastel owls approximately 19"x16.5" each, 3 tall plants 6"x22", 3 smaller plants 6"x14", three sky blue clouds around 17"x9.75" or less for each
  • 47"x47" pack includes 5 cute pastel owls approximately 15"x13" each, 3 tall plants 4.5"x17.5", 3 smaller plants 4.5"x11", three sky blue clouds around 13"x7.5" or less for each
  • 33"x33" pack includes 5 cute pastel owl approximately 11"x9" each, 3 tall plant 3.25"x12", 3 smaller plants 3.25"x8", three sky blue cloud around 9"x5" or less for each
  • 22"x22" pack includes 5 cute pastel owls approximately 8"x6" each, 3 tall plants 2"x8.25", 3 smaller plants 2"x5.25", three sky blue clouds around 6"x3.5 or less for each

Adorable and affordable flying owls decals for your litte ones.

This cute owls in flight wall decals are in a pack which means you can cut the designs seperately and stick them anywhere and in any way you like. Have fun and be creative, this pack has 5 cute pastel owls, three clouds and 6 plants. The pattern on each designs makes it a cool and unique decal for your room. These owls are also ideal for day care centers, schools, clinics and playgrounds. All our decals are removable not reusable. Check out our other wall decals under the kids section, mix and match it with this owl series. 


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     Love the decal and is exactly as expected. Service and delivery excellent:)

     I purchased a wall decal, I had a problem putting it on the wall, it wouldn't stick to the transfer paper.I called dezign z on a sunday afternoon,left a message and by my surprise a young lady called me back and the problem was solved. I'm a first time customer,i'm impressed with the service and the product which is beautiful and great quality. Will be a returnimg customer, and will recommend to friends and family.

     Thank you so much for producing Happiness and Joy to my Family. It's everything and more than I expected. I really appreciate the staff making my design Priority. The amount of professional courtesy and patience was above and beyond. The correspondence between the staff at any hour was a plus. You guys are Amazing and we will be doing business again and I'll will showcase your work to many. Thank you Paula, Sharon, and Ron for always being there readily to support and address my needs.
Vanessa Dargan

     I used my decals to outline a wall where I have a bird cage hanging from my ceiling. It was so easy and it looks great.
Joann M.

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