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Pack Wall Stickers

Zee Packs are for those who are into creating a very personalized interior. Our packs of stickers will give you more freedom to decorate, no matter how you install them, they will look great. You can use scissors to separate them and apply them on your walls any way you like... Vinyl wall stickers Packs can be used as a decorative element on their own, or they can artistically complement another Dezign With a Z wall sticker.
You will be surprised with how a simple pack of polka dots will make a huge difference in any room. Order more than one set and play with the colors and decorate an entire wall or even multiple walls! Our Flower Power decals pack is perfect for girls from 1 to 110 years old. You can even use them in different rooms. It will look lovely in nurseries, bedrooms, living rooms, and even offices. Our set of drops will do wonders to any room for a very affordable price. Order your wall decals pack of choice now and have fun!