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Pastel Garden Fence Border decals

Pastel Garden Fence Border decals
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Pastel Garden Fence Border decals

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Details about Pastel Garden Fence Border decals

The Pastel Garden Picket Fence wall border decal has 2 fences and 4 birds.

  • The 84"x82" has 2 fences 82"x35" each, 4 cute birds in 12.5"x12" each; this matches the Pastel Garden III 70"x111"
  • The 55"x56" has 2 fences 55"x23.5" each, 4 cute birds in 8.5"x8" each; this matches the Pastel Garden III 45"x75"
  • The 39"x40" has 2 fences 39"x16.5" each, 4 cute birds in 5.8"x6" each; this matches the Pastel Garden III 33"x53"
  • The 26"x27" has 2 fences 26"x11" each, 4 cute birds in 3.8"x4" each; this matches the Pastel Garden III 22"x35"

Affordable picket fence decals as borders for your walls

This simple but adorable wall decal will transform your room to an adorable space. The picket fence is part of our pastel garden collection. Stick them unto your walls or any smooth or slightly textured surface. Accent the fences with our cutest pastel birds. Have Pastel Garden and Pastel Garden II all together with this wall decals pack, it is a quick fix for any room that needs color and life!


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     Great Customer service and quick delivery time. Excellent quality wall decals. The tops were a little tricky to get placed because of the detail, however The product certainly enhanced what was a very boring, mundane meeting room with a splash of color and detail that was otherwise lacking. Very pleased with the whole service, price, product. Thanks to all.
Lo Leath

     Really good product. It looks great on our office walls. We receive many compliments from our clients!
Michael T.

     I rec'd OUTSTANDING service from your on-line service rep. Haven't had the product long enough to evaluate but will be a repeat customer based on service alone.
Joe Mercer

The decals are awesome!!! You have no idea how wonderful our church's Children's Wing is being transformed - right before our eyes. We worked on 2 rooms last night and while it took a while to be less intimidated about the process and afraid we would "mess up" - we were probably overly cautious and took almost 2 hours to do ONE room! But...once we got rolling, from start to finish, we can do one room in about 45 minutes...22 more to go.
I know, I know, you want pictures...and I'm working on them for you!
I want to say, first of all, thank you for your patience. My calling in the large order to you, over the phone, in a busy and temporary construction office was a nightmare...but you endured with much grace and patience. Hats off to you, Paula!
Secondly, while we didn't have a clue as to what to expect when we opened the 4 huge boxes of decals, we were very surprised by the quality of the decals and the brightness of the colors...and overjoyed that they arrived 2 hours earlier than anticipated.

Every one of our walls are beige - did I mention all the walls are BEIGE - and I thought the decals would simply fade away into the beige - but the didn't. Even the yellow decals are making a bold statement. I wish you could fly right down here and experience the excitement as a team of volunteers place and plan those decals. You would think it was rocket science - they are taking much pride and care to make sure everything is perfect!

I promise to follow-up with you - since everyone knows a picture is worth a thousand...well, you get the picture!

After 5 long years of waiting to finish our church's construction, we are down to the final wire...our first service, after Hurricane Katrina wrecked havoc on our entire church campus and school, will hold it's first service this weekend! Praise God for his hand in helping us through the process.

Much thanks and gratitude,
Julie B

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