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Pastel Garden Fence Border decals

Pastel Garden Fence Border decals
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Pastel Garden Fence Border decals

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Details about Pastel Garden Fence Border decals

The Pastel Garden Picket Fence wall border decal has 2 fences and 4 birds.

  • The 84"x82" has 2 fences 82"x35" each, 4 cute birds in 12.5"x12" each; this matches the Pastel Garden III 70"x111"
  • The 55"x56" has 2 fences 55"x23.5" each, 4 cute birds in 8.5"x8" each; this matches the Pastel Garden III 45"x75"
  • The 39"x40" has 2 fences 39"x16.5" each, 4 cute birds in 5.8"x6" each; this matches the Pastel Garden III 33"x53"
  • The 26"x27" has 2 fences 26"x11" each, 4 cute birds in 3.8"x4" each; this matches the Pastel Garden III 22"x35"

Affordable picket fence decals as borders for your walls

This simple but adorable wall decal will transform your room to an adorable space. The picket fence is part of our pastel garden collection. Stick them unto your walls or any smooth or slightly textured surface. Accent the fences with our cutest pastel birds. Have Pastel Garden and Pastel Garden II all together with this wall decals pack, it is a quick fix for any room that needs color and life!


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     The custom decals for my kids look great! Great service in getting the design complet and shipped. Easy to install!

     Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback on my purchase. The decal arrived last week and I was pleased with the efficient delivery process. I have not yet placed the decal but I did open the package to inspect the product. I am very pleased with my purchase and will shortly be able to apply the decal. Thank you for a trouble free transaction.
Di Rampton

     The decal is beautiful. Everyone was wonderful to work with and I got quick responses to my questions. I would definitely use them again.
Lauri Goodwin

     I have purchased two decals in the last couple of months and both experiences
have been excellent. Your customer service is amazing and extremely helpful, with
good suggestions, prompt replies and once everything is decided, prompt production
and very quick shipping when the product is ready. The two customer service representatives
I dealt with are Yuka Kawakami and Ria Vedar and feel they should be recognized for
their outstanding customer service!!!

I have recommended your company to many of my friends that are looking for something
unique as a gift or for themselves.

Both the decals, one was the "magic horse decal" in pink and the little girl LOVED it!! and the second
was a full colour cut out of a little boy playing soccer! I have yet to give it to him for his birthday
but I LOVE it and I know he will think it is amazing!!!

Thank you again for your exemplary customer service and products!

Kindest regards,

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