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Penguin wall decals

Penguin wall decals
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Penguin wall decals

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Details about Penguin wall decals

Penguin wall decals come in pack of 5:
  • The 133"x47" pack has 5 penguins in 21"x24" to 27"x35", and 12 stars from 3' to 8"
  • The 70"x24" pack has 5 penguins in 11"x13" to 14"x18", and 12 stars from 4" to 2"
  • The 47"x17" pack has 5 penguins in 7"x9" to 9"x12", and 12 stars from 2" to 3"
  • The 33"x13" pack has 5 penguins in 5"x6" to 7"x9", and 12 stars from 1" to 2"
  • The 22"x8" pack has 5 penguins in 3"x4" to 5"x6", and 12 stars from 0.5" to 1"
With our creative emperor penguins wall decals pack you can separate each penguin by using scissors and apply them on your walls any way you like. These aquatic birds animal wall decals set are consist of 5 penguins and stars. Penguins are always seen as adorable flightless seabirds from the cold region od the world. These cute arctic animal wall decals are so adorable will also look great not just on your bathroom but also in any kids room. Penguin wall decals are awesome if you want to make your space feel cozy and cooler. 
Feel free to call us if you wish to add some more stars or penguins for these animal wall decals. These affordable penguin wall decals will stick on many type of surface whether it is paint, wall paper, textured wall, plastic, metal, textile and glass. You don't need to be a professional to install any of our animal wall decals. All our products are manufactured in USA.
Decal color shown in the picture: Grey

SKU#: Z-PAC022

Customer Reviews

     I love your designs, I am a penguin lover and I searched high and low for anything with penguins then I stumbled upon your page and found the "got icecubes" penguins decal and I fell in love, I have a huge wall in the hallway of my upstairs that needs a bit of something and the penguins decal was just the ticket! Excellent price and wonderful well made items!
Robin C.

     I wish to thank you for the prompt and efficient service i received with my order recently. The stickers are fantastic. I ordered penguins wall decals for around my pool shed .. but they are around the bath instead! They look great.
Janet R.

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