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Pixel Art Sistine Cherubs framed canvas

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Pixel Art Sistine Cherubs framed canvas

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Details about Pixel Art Sistine Cherubs framed canvas

2 types of framing available:
  •  3D Classic: 2.5" deep, stick out of the wall for a very nice contemporary look.
  •  Flat frame: 1" deep, for a thin slick aspect.
    Pixel art paintings : a digital canvas displaying pixel art of famous paintings around the world.
    This digital canvas is a high resolution digital photo printed on an actual canvas, set on a quality pine wood frame.
    This iconic painting is a part of the famous Sistine Madonna.
    The cute angel cherubs in pixel art will bring in a modern touch to any room.
    Raphael Sanzio is the name of the talented Italian painter. 
    You can select between the Flat frame which is a sleek thinner option and the 3D frame which as galery style frame.
    Made in the USA.

SKU#: DC-011

Customer Reviews...

     Awesome! The custom wall vinyls were perfect!
Beau's Bath House

     Your web site is really friendly and easy to use!!! Your FAQ's are awesome. Talking to Paula is awesome. You should see the inside of my house and where the tattoo will go. Cant wait for my friends to check it out.

     My mom and brother received it as a gift for my nephew! Thanks to the instructions and little application tool, they installed it without any problem! (: Thank you!
Andreanne G

     I ordered from Australia for the second time. Awesome product, service and delivery. The option to custom design your size, colours, direction etc is great. I highly recommend this company and its products. X

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