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Poppies Flower wall decals

Poppies Flower wall decals
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Poppies Flower wall decalsPoppies Flower wall decals

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Details about Poppies Flower wall decals

Poppies flower wall decals come in pack of 5 flowers and 6 stems:

  • The 70"x90" pack includes 5 flowers 12"x68", 13"x61", 15"x 85", 13"x53" and 14"x60"
  • The 47"x60" pack includes 5 flowers 9"x43", 10"x38", 11"x60", 7"x33", and 10"x40"
  • The 33"x41" pack includes 5 flowers 6"x31", 7"x27", 8"x41", 5"x24", and 8"x29"
  • The 22"x27" pack includes 5 flowers 4"x20", 5"x18", 5"x27", 3"x16", and 5"x19"

Customize this vinyl wall decal by choosing the color of the stem and the color of the flower petals. Bi-color poppies flower decals are a new colorful way to decorate your space.

Bicolor Poppies Flower Wall Decals


This wall decal is ideal for all nature lovers, using the bi-color wall poppies is a great way to give a great elegant floral look to your walls. You can customize the color of both flowers and branches by using our color selector. With this beautiful flowers changing the look f your room will be a matter of minutes.


Decal color shown in the picture: Lipstick Red & Black


SKU#: Z-BIC001

Customer Reviews

     WOW!!!!! I have a circular foyer. Can't hang pics. Not big enough for furniture. Just finished hanging 2 sets of 60 by 47 inch bi-color poppies wall decal. Really classy. Colors perfect to match my decor. Style perfect with our European modern condo. Went up just as described though I had to cut the poppies apart and hang them separately due to the curved wall. Now I smile every time I walk through the space. Thanks for an amazing product!!!!!
Kelly Q.

     I ordered the poppies wall decals for my mudroom wall,. They are the first thing that greet you off the blooming garden when we step inside from yardwork or school. They came right on time as expected and went up soo easily and people really ask if I painted them! I'll be purchased stencils and more products from deZign! lovely people to work with; great products.
Patricia M.

     Wonderful! Thanks for the information as well as the free butterflies. The installation of my bi color poppies wall decal was very easy and the results are stunning !

     My daughter loves her decals for her room

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