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Retro Vinyl Disks Set wall decals

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Retro Vinyl Disks Set wall decals

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Details about Retro Vinyl Disks Set wall decals

Retro Vinyl Disks wall decals is a set of 6 disks:

  • The 88"x60" includes 6 disks diameter 28"
  • The 69"x47" includes 6 disks diameter 22"
  • The 47"x32" includes 6 disks diameter 15"
  • The 33"x22" includes 6 disks diameter 10"
  • The 22"x15" includes 6 disks diameter 7"

Each disks has a different color and can be installed individually and randomly on your walls or surface.

SKU#: Z-QUAD0274

Customer Reviews...

     It was the perfect piece of decor that made the focal point of the space. Very easy to install and overall a beautiful design for this chic room.

     Thank You for the designs. I love them. They were easy to use and look great. Your service was exceptional. I will order again anytime.
C. Mitchell

     Hi Guys you have the best range of wall decals out of everyone I've searched online and the quality and fast deliver all the was to Australia is fantastic!
Emma Teague

     3 products that i use and all have worked out perfectly. lots of compliments.

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