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Scratches car stickers

Scratches car stickers
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Scratches car stickers

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Details about Scratches car stickers

  • In the 17"x18", the biggest 4 scratches are 7"x13" and the smallest scratches are 4"x8".
  • In the 24"x26", the biggest 4 scratches are 9"x18" and the smallest scratches are 6"x11".
  • In the 33"x35", the biggest 4 scratches are 13"x24" and the smallest scratches are 8"x15".

Car decals are:

  • Made of premium vinyl material
  • Appropriate for indoor/outdoor and long term use

Our car decals can be installed on vehicule windows or any part of the car body (roof top, hood, doors..).
If you need specific dimensions, please contact us directly at  1-877-693-3944. We will be glad to help you.

Note: we recommend to hire a professional to install large decals on the car’s side or if you don’t feel confortable doing the installation yourself.
If you decide to install yourself the car decal, be aware that the decal will immediately adhere onto the surface.

Restrictions: Please check with your local DMV to know where you can install your decal. The decal should NOT obstruct the driver’s view. Please follow the DMV restrictions.
Please note that Dezign With a Z can not be held responsible for any unsafe use or use not compliant with the DMV regulation.

A cool way to decorate your car

Scratches car stickers is available in 24 different colors. If you like this decal, you may also like our cutie paws prints car decal.

SKU#: Z-CAR016

Customer Reviews

     Got the decal and they sent me more than I expected! They are super easy to apply and they look great! It makes my camaro look really mean like a battle scar on a guy in a movie! Absolutely love it!

     The people at Dezign with a Z were fantastic! I contacted them in need of a custom decal for the grand opening of a new business, and I needed it to arrive within a week. They were incredibly efficient and produced a quality decal. When we had some trouble getting the decal on the wall, the people were knowledgeable and found us a quick fix for the problem. The phone was always answered by a real person who was patient and friendly. Thank you so much for making our office look great for the grand opening!

     My order was damaged. I order 2 white board spray cleaners and one was in a plastic bag and it was ok and the other one was not and the entire bottle leaked over all 3 items I ordered. They were salvageable.
Patricia Perkin

I just wanted to let you know that our decal looks great!
thank you so much for your help. We really appreciate your help. Sincerely,

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