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Shamrock Clovers wall decals

Shamrock Clovers wall decals
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Shamrock Clovers wall decals

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Details about Shamrock Clovers wall decals

The shamrock clovers wall decals come in a pack of 12 regular clovers and 1 four leaf clover:
  • The 57"x47" pack includes 1 four leaf clover in 24"x20"; 12 three leaf clovers in 12", 11", 10", 8"
  • The 47"x39" pack includes 1 four leaf clover in 20"x18"; 12 three leaf clovers in 10.5", 10", 8", 7"
  • The 33"x28" pack includes 1 four leaf clover in 14"x12"; 12 three leaf clovers in 7", 6.5", 6", 5"
  • The 22"x19" pack includes 1 four leaf clover in 10"x8"; 12 three leaves clovers in 5", 4.5", 4", 3"


This lucky shamrock clover wall decals are a pack which means you can separate each clover leaf decals by using a pair of scissors. Bring in some good luck into your homes and have this celtic inspired floral wall decals pack in your place. Be creative and apply the Irish clover leaves on you walls any way you want. You can adhere each decal around the room or make an artistic layout just like our sample.

You can also stick these floral wall decals on your wall, furnitures, ceilings or floors. Our shamrock clover wall decals are removable and not reusable. Our flower wall decals are made of adhesive vinyl material. Call us for any custom orders and we will be more than happy to assist you. Manufactured in USA.




SKU#: Z-PAC064

Customer Reviews...

     Loved these! Easy to put on and look great on the wall.

     LOVE IT!!! It was so easy to put on, it looks awesome, and I love it!!!!

     I received your product and I was amaze how easy it was to put it up. I came out great, my shower looks beautiful. Thank you I will recomend to my friend and family.

     I have used dezign a couple of times. Respond after payment is fast, delivery doesn't take long and the quality is excellent. I have even received after a bigger shipment a few things for free, which is much appreciated. I like the designs and the choices. I had every time 100% satisfaction
Ruth Holzer, Australia

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