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Shark Teeth car decals

Shark Teeth car decals
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Shark Teeth car decals

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Details about Shark Teeth car decals

The shark teeth car decals is a set of 2 removable vehicle graphics - one for the driver's and the other one for the passenger's side.
The design shows a shark's mouth with sharp teeth and the eye.
This is a full color model, so the outline will be black, the eye and teeth will be white and the mouth will be bright red and black on the inside.
This is a self-adhesive product so no additional glue or paste is required to install it. It's made in the USA with premium vinyl material.
There are 3 sizes available:

  • In the 60"x44" pack, each set is 60"x20"
  • In the 45"x33" pack, each set is 45"x15"
  • In the 30"x22" pack, each set is 30"x10"

Car decals are:

  • Appropriate for indoor/outdoor and long term use
  • can be installed on vehicule windows or any part of the car body (roof top, hood, doors..).

If you need specific dimensions, please contact us directly at  1-877-693-3944. We will be glad to help you.

Note: we recommend to hire a professional to install large decals on the car’s side or if you don’t feel confortable doing the installation yourself.
If you decide to install yourself the car decal, be aware that the decal will immediately adhere onto the surface.

Restrictions: Please check with your local DMV to know where you can install your decal. The decal should NOT obstruct the driver’s view. Please follow the DMV restrictions.
Please note that Dezign With a Z can not be held responsible for any unsafe use or use not compliant with the DMV regulation.


Customer Reviews...

     This was the third decal I ordered and each one is beautiful. Fairly simple to put up (if you follow directions) and after several years they are still on the walls and look as good as new.
Margaret Struthers

Thank you for all your efforts to ensure my satisfaction. I would definitely order from Dezign With A Z again.
Cindy B

     Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback on my purchase. The decal arrived last week and I was pleased with the efficient delivery process. I have not yet placed the decal but I did open the package to inspect the product. I am very pleased with my purchase and will shortly be able to apply the decal. Thank you for a trouble free transaction.
Di Rampton

     Beautiful finish! It's as easy as 1-2-3. Received shipment to Canada in 48hrs! Love it
Happy Mom

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