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Skateboarders pack decal

Skateboarders pack decal
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Skateboarders pack decalSkateboarders pack decal

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Details about Skateboarders pack decal

This Skateboarder pack decal is a bi-color decal and is available in 4 size options.

  • the 60"x65" has 6 skateboarders, the one on top middle measures 27"x31"
  • the 47"x51" has 6 skateboarders, the one on top middle measures 21"x24"
  • the 33"x36" has 6 skateboarders, the one on top middle measures 15"x17"
  • the 22"x24" has 6 skateboarders, the one on top middle measures 10"x11"

Coolest skateboarders as wall decals

This easy to install and affordable fun bicolor skateboarders pack decal will add cool and energetic vibe in any space. It is a bicolor decal where you can choose the color for the 5 skateboards and one that has the awesomest jump pose. The skateboarder is a pack with different sizes so you can have fun decorating your space by cutting them individually with a pair of scissors. Adhere them on your walls, locker rooms, tables and cabinets too. It will also look good in your teenagers room and for your themed events too! Check our other pack decals under the pack or urban stickers section.

SKU#: Z-BIC052

Customer Reviews...

     I was not happy that my delivery address was taken down incorrect and My husband had to pick up my order from Fed- Ex.

I did pay for shipping..

     I got the mirror, and I couldn't be more happy with it. You guys did an outstanding job. I can guarantee repeat business. Thank you so much.

     It was very gratifying when we opened our new decals and saw that they were exactly what we had hoped for. They turned out great! Thanks for all your help and excellent customer service as well.
Matt Oldham

     I needed trade show signs printed and shipped in a short amount of time. I received excellent customer care with every contact. I highly recommend and I would not hesitate to use them again!

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