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Snowflakes Pack vinyl wall decals

Snowflakes Pack vinyl wall decals
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Snowflakes Pack vinyl wall decals

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Details about Snowflakes Pack vinyl wall decals

Snowflakes wall decals come in pack of 12.

  • The 47"x47" pack includes 12 snowflakes from 7.9"x7.9" to 19.7"x19.8".
  • The 33"x33" pack includes 12 snowflakes from 5.5"x5.5" to 13.8x13.9".
  • The 22"x22" pack includes 12 snowflakes from 3.6"x3.7" to 9.2"x9.2".


SKU#: Z-HOL029

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     I am delighted with the decal products that you offer. They really make a room pop! Though I will be returning mine for a larger size due to the wall size of my living room. Customer service is with a smile and that I like very much! I will call on Tuesday for the return authorization number I need.
Khrystal Bowdry

     Hi Paula,
We received our wall art yesterday morning. It looks great and I just wanted to thank you for working with us and making it perfect! Thank you so much!!!
Enjoy your day!
Susan B.

     I have used dezign a couple of times. Respond after payment is fast, delivery doesn't take long and the quality is excellent. I have even received after a bigger shipment a few things for free, which is much appreciated. I like the designs and the choices. I had every time 100% satisfaction
Ruth Holzer, Australia

     Hey There, I placed a huge order a few days ago, today I basically spent the entire day tattooing my house... I just wanted to commend you guys on such a high end, artistic, and all around uniquely awesome product. All throughout the day, I remained impressed with each and every piece, and I think I ordered something from almost every single category! None of them disappointed, in fact, they ALL far exceeded my expectations. I am officially addicted, and will never live in a space again without YOUR vinyl wall art. Thank you so very much! My house looks incredible!!
Crystal R

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