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Space Adventures II wall sticker pack

Space Adventures II wall sticker pack
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Space Adventures II wall sticker pack

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Details about Space Adventures II wall sticker pack

This Space Adventures II wall sticker pack are full color decals. It includes 8 main stickers and a few of small ones like the rocks, stars and blue pin lights.

  • The 75"x75" pack has a sun 14"x14", 2 planets 12" and 10" diameter, two astronauts around 20"x24", a space rover 41"x25", alien hiding behind the crater 27"x14", crater in 18"x6", a small UFO 12"x5", 12 random stars about 3", 12 small rocks and 8 blue pin lights in 2" to 2.5", space shuttle 70"x23"
  • The 64"x47" pack has a sun 11"x11", 2 planets 8" and 9.5" diameter, two astronauts around 16""x19", a space rover 41"x20", alien hiding behind the crater 22"x11", crater in 14"x5", a small UFO 10"x4", 12 random stars about 2.5", 12 small rocks and 8 blue pin lights in 2" to 1.5", space shuttle 60"x20"
  • The 47"x49" pack has a sun 8.5"x8.5", 2 planets 6" and 7" diameter, two astronauts around 13"x15", a space rover 26"x16", alien hiding behind the crater 17"x9", crater in 14"x5", a small UFO 8"x3", 12 random stars about 1.75", 12 small rocks and 8 blue pin lights in 1" to 1.15", space shuttle 46"x15"
  • The 33"x32" pack has a sun 6"x6", 2 planets 4.5" and 5.25" diameter, two astronauts around 9"x10", a space rovers 18"x11", alien hiding behind the craters 12"x6", crater in 8"x3", a small UFO 5"x2", 12 random stars about 1.5", 12 small rocks and 8 blue pin lights in .75" to 1", space shuttle 30"x10"
  • The 22"x23" pack has a sun 4"x4", 2 planets 3" and 3.5" diameter, two astronauts around 6"x7", a space rover 12"x7", alien hiding behind the crater 8"x4", crater in 5"x2", a small UFO 3.5"x1.5", 12 random stars about 1", 12 small rocks and 8 blue pin lights in .5" to .75", space shuttle 20"x7"

A wonderful adventure in space sticker for your room

This space adventure pack II completes our space decal series. This cute and awesome wall sticker has 2 astronauts and a space rover.  Have this wall decal with our space pack I and start the adventure by sticking them around your room. Create a space experience by also putting some of our glow in the dark star decals. This affordable pack are full color decals which means you can separate them into pieces and adhere them anywhere and anyway you like. Stick them on your walls, furniture, cabinets, floors or ceilings too.  Just make sure the surface is smooth, clean or slightly textured.


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     love the two wall decals, worked out beautiful in my office/quest room.....
much better putting up framed pictures like in the past
the room looks more spacious
thank you/ glad I found on to the next room.....
Gilbertine Campos

     Hi Ria,
Thanks for your help with this--the decals looked awesome!


Just wanted to let you know we received our decal today!

Thank you so much for getting that out so quickly.

I just recently ordered custom buttons from a company and the process was very challenging and they weren't friendly or hopeful at all.

Every time I have ordered with you guys, it's effortless. Everyone I talk to is so helpful - wanting to make sure we receive the design exactly how we the customer envision it. It's very refreshing and extremely appreciated. I know that whenever we will be needed custom decals in the future, we will be using your company and will be referring anyone who asks about decals in the future.

I greatly appreciate all the service that your company has provided since the first email I sent.

Congratulations for having continued outstanding service!
Heidi Dorling - Marketing Manager, AOGC

     Thank you very much for all your help and as we do my daughters room we will be ordering from you again. I am very pleased with the customer service I have received. Have a great night.
Sherrie G.

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