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Square Pop wall art stickons

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Square Pop wall art stickonsSquare Pop wall art stickons

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Details about Square Pop wall art stickons

Square pop stickons come in pack of 3:

  • The 151"x47" pack, includes 3 squares, each square is an average of 47"x47"
  • The 97"x30" pack, includes 3 squares, each square is an average of 30"x30"
  • The 70"x22" pack, includes 3 squares, each square is an average of 22"x22"
  • The 47"x15" pack, includes 3 squares, each square is an average of 15"x15"
  • The 33"x10" pack, includes 3 squares, each square is an average of 10"x10"
  • The 22"x7" pack, includes 3 squares, each square is an average of 7"x7"

Square Pop: This Wall Art Stickons are ideal for a Pop and colored decoration, use this item to give a more trendy and cheerful look to your interior.
Feel free to contact us directly if you need a different size, or a specialty color.

Modern stickons for interior

Square pop stickon is a modern product for contemporary interiors. It can be set as it is or you can stick each squares and cube individually the way you like. You can choose between 24 colors and several sizes.
You can purchase Plain Squares Stick-ups to make a dramatic arrangement. Better than any wall paper on the market to give an unique look to your house!

Decal color shown in the picture: Orange

SKU#: Z-ABS001

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     Overall I am really pleased with my graphic, after putting it up and
looking back on the process I cannot stress how important the process
of rubbing/squeegee-ing the image to the velum is
I am happy with the end result and would purchase your product again, A++.

Thank you

Stacy O'Brien
Stacy O\'Brien

     Thank you Michael. I received everything yesterday. I will certainly use you again next time.
Your customer service is a nice change of pace in the current market. Good to talk to a human.

     Sorry it has taken me a few days to leave comment.
A huge thanks for such a wonderful it and my son loves his new wall sticker heaps.Very happy with delivery and packaging and would for sure buy from deZign with a Z again.
Cheers Shannon
Shannon Bawden

     Not an easy product to apply but once it's up, it looks nice. I would suggest if you have a large one to make sure you have someone to help. I would have to ask the company to be careful which way they apply the staples on the end caps to the tube. Mine were facing the wrong way and it was a bear to open. Other than that it was packaged well and arrived in good condition.

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